Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mystery of History – Joshua, Jericho, and Rahab

Last week we read the Mystery of History lesson about Joshua, Jericho and Rahab.  For our hands on activity we built the city of Jericho out of wooden blocks.  Then using some playmobil fireman and police officers we acted out the story.


We walked the men around the city then they went to bed 6 times:


Then on the 7th day we had them walk around 7 times then blow their horns and  yell.  Then we shook the board that we built our city on and the whole city fell down.


We talked about how Rahab hid the spies.  Then we discussed how all of the walls fell down but that Rahab and her family as fine.  We had people inside of our fake city and they all ended up with blocks on top of them.  So this helped Sammy to understand that God protected Rahab.