Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photo Dump

This picture is so blurry but I love the pure joy on Sammy’s face after putting on his new angry birds bath towel.  My sister made him two of them for Christmas this year and he LOVES them!

Angry bird towel

Here is a better picture of the towel.  It is the black exploding angry birdie and there is a lot of sounds affects after his baths to go along with it ;-)

angry bird towel 

Nicia and Sammy playing Mario:


Tim, Nicia and I playing Dominion for the first time ever:


Where we store our sound equipment at church.  Tim was standing on top of the subs getting something out of the trunk that got left there.

sound equipment FOH

Our New Year’s Eve drink of choice (pear hard apple cider):

pear hard apple cider 

How Sammy slept on the way home New Year’s Eve (well it was actually New Year’s Day but you get the point):

New Year's Eve 

Sammy’s self portrait:

Self Portrait 

Sammy’s links creation.  He took this picture himself during quite time while I was working from home:


He also took this picture of his angry birds on his bed:

angry birds

Sunrise.. not the greatest picture but I love seeing the sunrise:sunrise

Sammy’s hammock for his dogs:

hammock links 

Love happy hour at Sonic:

Sonic happy hour 

Working hard on his Explode the Code book:  explode the code

My knight in shinning armor:


Sammy’s poor little face was so chapped. I put some our miracle eight hour cream on it and finally got it healed up:

eight hour cream 

On the Sunday’s we serve at church we are usually there from 7 am to 1pm.. we started a new tradition on those days go go out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  These were my dates: mexican restaurant   

I found a new (to me) park near Tim’s office and we fell in love with it.  Once it warms up some we will be eating a lot of lunches there: waterfall park 

Queen Tipsy:

prissy dog 

A morning at the lake and this is what usually happens on the way home:

car trip naps 

Tim’s little sister spent the night and we didn’t want to wake her up to early.  So we started our school work in the master bedroom:


Sammy with his lolly pop mustache:

lolly pop mustache 

Sammy putting on a puppet show.  I think this was the 3 little pigs:

puppet show 

Sammy and the door knob had a little altercation.. the door knob was fine.. Sammy’s forehead.. not so much (this was after 15 minutes of ice):

goose egg 

Ready for the John Mark McMillan show:

John Mark McMillan