Monday, February 25, 2013

Wintery Lake Visit

We took a trip to visit my parents earlier this month.  Sammy wanted to test out his new fishing pole from Christmas and we wanted to have time to visit with my parents. 

It was super cold but that didn’t deter Sammy from wanting to fish!

February Fishing

 winter fishing

Sammy pretty much picked up right where he left off with fishing in the fall.  He is a casting pro: winter fishing

So my dad (Pop Pop) was actually able to fish along with him.  Nothing was biting (I’m sure most of the fish were still dormant at the bottom of the lake) but they had fun none the less.

winter fishing 

Seems wrong to be fishing with cloves and a winter hat and it not be ice fishing:

winter fishing  

My mom and I stayed nice in warm in the house and worked on this fun little bag:

sewing zipper

I learned how to do some basic embroidery and how to put a zipper into something!  I can’t wait for it to warm back up so we can go over an enjoy the water and beautiful scenery even more!