Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1,000+ Thankful List–Hot Drinks, Rain, and Birthdays

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91. Sammy getting excited to go over to his grandparents house each week.  I know when I leave my job in June he will miss that time.  I need to work on a way for him to still have some time to hangout with them!

92. So many wonderful friends getting excited to celebrate my 30th birthday next month!!

93. A husband that is throwing me a party for the big occasion!

94. The view from our street with the snow covered mountains in the background!

snowy roads and mountains

95. The rain that washed away pretty much all of the remaining snow!  I am reading for the spring weather to be here for good!

96. An abundant supply of good books to read.  I just finished reading Agenda 21 and it has gotten me thinking a ton!

97. The birthday season that is just beginning in our family.  We have 11 birthdays in the next 3 months!!

98. Warm drinks on a rainy and dark morning

Starbucks, twitter

99. Those close friends that you can pick conversation back up with instantaneously.

100.  My handsome guys!

Father and Son