Thursday, March 7, 2013

Man Did It Snow (and a prayer request)!

My area received its largest snow storm in over 3 years Tuesday night into Wednesday!  We received around 15'” of snow with some areas receiving over 2 feet.  I know for some parts of the country that isn’t much but here in Virginia it was a ton!  This picture was taken when we were going to bed on Tuesday night.  it was just starting to come down and stick to the deck:

snow storm starting

Here is about 6 hours later when we got up to shovel the drive so Tim could make it into work.  We got up at about 5:30 so he could make it in before 7 am.  When you work for an electric cooperative you don’t get snow days!  In fact Tim was gone for almost 16 hours yesterday!

snow storm

Sammy heard us getting up and shoveling in the morning and wanted to come help.  After we shoveled the drive way and said goodbye to Tim, Sammy started sledding.  This was taken at about 6:15 am (that is snow ‘pouring’ down in the picture):

snow storm sledding

After a little rest and playing inside we took the dog out back to play and build a snowman.  What we didn’t realize was we were also building a snow dog!  Check out the GIGANTIC snowballs hanging off of the fur on her chest.  Pretty much her whole underside (paws included) was covered in snow!

snow crusted dog

The snow was so wet they stuck right to her fur and built up quickly.  Since she was so uncomfortable and cold I gave her a hot bath to melt the snowballs off of her fur.  As much as she hates baths she felt a lot better after this and slept for a few hours!

snow crusted dog

Sammy and I worked on an oil pastel picture of a snow scene.  I had never used oil pastels and I really enjoyed the process and so did Sammy!  He isn’t one to like coloring but with the pastels he could smudge them to fill in his shapes without having to color it all in which was a hit for him!  I think we will be investing in some chalk pastels and Hodgepodge’s chalk pastel e-book

Oil pastels

Then a little after 10pm Tim came home after being out in the snow all day!  Tim usually works in the office but when a big storm like this hits its all hands on deck.  Yesterday Tim was doing some work called bird dogging.  Basically, they would drive to a section of power lines that they had known issues.  They would walk the lines (in over 2 foot drifts) and find where something (or multiple somethings) that was causing a disturbance in the line.  They would report it back to the ops center and they would notify the repair crew exactly where the issue was so they could start working on it right away instead of having to find the issue.  So how do you stay warm and dry in a crazy snow storm.. well with one of these awesome outfits:

electric co-op rain suit

I never realized how much work an electric company goes through to restore power.  There are tons of procedures to do to insure your safety as well as their own before they can restore the power.  Please be praying for the people out working on restoring everyone’s power today!  Those guys work hard to get power back on to you as soon as possible in way less than ideal work conditions.  It’s dangerous and exhausting work!  Even if you weren’t affected by yesterday’s storm the next time you lose power during a storm please be praying for your electric co-op (or company) and their employees’ safety!