Monday, March 18, 2013

Some Snowy Scattered Speculations

  • Okay not really speculations but I was going for alterations so we will will just go with it!
  • It snowed last night.  This morning Sammy said, “It’s beautiful but I am ready to go swimming.  When will it be summer?” My thoughts exactly!
  • Tim got a new shirt this weekend and I still find it hilarious!

2013-03-16 21.17.07

  • Why do the weekend seem to go by so fast?  Also how come the ones we didn’t like as kids because there was nothing planned are the ones we love as adults?
  • We didn’t do anything super special for St. Patrick’s Day but we did wear our green.  Tim and I taught the kids at bible study last night.  I will write a post up on what we did to learn about St. Patrick.
  • On the way to bible study we were stuck behind not 1 but 2 horse and buggies going up a fairly steep hill.  It took forever but I kinda loved it, it’s where I live:2013-03-17 16.39.37
  • Sammy loves buffets!  He loves to pick out what he can have.  Here is a picture from when he got the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays

2013-02-26 17.45.56

  • Yogurt parfaits make me happy
  • A little more about where I live… lots of train tracks.  On the way to co-op on Friday I got stopped for an engine to go through:

2013-03-15 08.56.25

  • Sammy loves to build things with Trio blocks.  I might get him another set so he can build even more things!

2013-03-13 14.12.02