Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Opening Ceremonies and First T-Ball Game

Like so many people we had a long cold winter with lots of late winter snows.  Sammy is playing t-ball for the first time this year and they had 2 practices before the season started!  We have never been involved in T-Ball before and I loved the opening ceremonies!  They call each coach and player onto the field by their name!  So cool! 

It was FREEZING that morning of the ceremonies and Sammy had on lots of layers to try and keep warm!  Here he is waiting for his turn and trying to stay warm!


Out on the field (he is #1 on the left):


Later that day he had his first game!  Getting ready to bat:


My little leftie (I love it):


Sammy loved running bases and catching up to the person in front of him:


Team huddle:


After all the years of softball that I played I love that Sammy is having fun playing tball:


My dad (Pop Pop) was able to make it to the first game while my mom was at a quilt show.  Sammy was excited to see him but also missed his GiGi!