Friday, April 19, 2013

Our March Blizzard

So I realized I was a little behind on blogging.. I didn’t realize how far behind I was until I pulled the pictures off of my camera!  So back in March we got a TON of snow!  These pictures were taken in the morning and it snowed another 6 or so inches after that!

Sammy loved it:


Our deck railing.. I still can’t believe how much snow we got:


It was a super heavy and wet snow.  Our poor trees were bending from the weight of the snow.  They hadn’t really recovered from the derecho we had in the summer and some of the branches looked awful.  Tim’s parent’s lost a beautiful cherry tree from this snow!


Snow pup Tipsy thought it was amazing.. for a while at least:


Until she same inside and had massive snowballs hanging from her:


Since Sammy doesn’t like chocolate (he tried it again recently and didn’t care for it) we did an oil pastel activity to warm up.


We kept ourselves pretty busy playing and shoveling.  So we wouldn’t miss Tim too much while he was gone