Friday, May 24, 2013

More Birthday Fun!

I am so behind on posts that I am throwing the rest of Sammy’s birthday together on one post!  Be forewarned there are lots of pictures!

Opening presents after his party:


Sammy is so amazing!  He loves everything he gets and is genuinely happy with his presents.  He has intentionally played with each thing and we are working on typing (he is typing) some thank you emails to our friends and family (sorry it’s taking us so long)!

He also wanted me to take a picture of each of his gifts (don’t worry I didn’t post them all):


This was the year of the Legos and I just loved how much fun he is getting out of them.  If you need to buy for a lego lover and you don’t know what they have this book is awesome:


Sammy was also really into reading the cards this year and could read them all (yes there was some guessing on the names but he could usually figure out enough of the name to guess correctly)!!


My parents came to one of Sammy’s tball games just before his birthday.  After the game we went out for pizza and opened presents.  Unfortunately, my camera battery died and I only got a few pictures!  However, I got this one with my phone of the 3 of them: 2013-04-22 19.55.02

I love these creator sets were you can make 3 different things!  They are a huge hit in this house since he likes to take things back apart! We haven’t gotten into this big set yet but I think it will be a rainy day project this summer!


His current favorite though has to be the little sets that he can do 100% on his own:


So my my camera lense got bumped to manual focus in the car and I didn’t notice before I took a few of the following pictures! boo! But I couldn’t not share his birthday day celebration at his Aunt’s house:


Two of his aunts made over 200 mini cupcakes and iced them in various colors to look like Mario!  Sammy was totally in awe of this and I so wish my camera was in focus but it kinda helps to see Mario better:


Blowing out his candles:


His big gift from us.. or so he thought:


These have been a huge hit at our house:


We need to plant in this very very soon!  A root viewer planter from Grandma and Grandpa:


Sammy trying to figure out why we gave him a dog collar and a bunch of dog toys:


We did a skype session with Tim’s sister in Atlanta to reveal the present:


Seeing the puppy for the first time:


So excited that he gets to keep him:


Then this is how the night ended:


Happy sixth birthday Sammy!  Mommy and Daddy love you forever!