Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our Newest Family Members

So I told you guys Sammy’s birthday present.  Last weekend we headed to Atlanta to pick up Yoshi.  It took us 8 hours to get down there and Nicia decided to join us for the trip (watching Brave):

2013-05-04 17.22.05

I love driving through this area of North Carolina:

2013-05-04 19.11.59

When we got there we got Yoshi to warm up to us.  Then we saw how super sweet he was with his sister:

2013-05-05 06.53.47

Sammy fell in love with both puppies and so did Tim and I (Yoshi in the cone of shame, Princess Peach on the far right):

2013-05-05 06.57.06

So we decided to get both of them.  We also knew this would make it easier for Tipsy to adjust.  She wouldn’t be the only dog for the puppy to play with.  She can be a grumpy old lady at times (and a spunky puppy at other times).  Next up was bring two puppies that car sick back in our car!  They thankfully slept pretty much the whole time and never got sick!  Sammy holding Princess Peach (Peach for short):

2013-05-05 13.26.09

Yoshi hung out on the floor of the front passenger seat:

2013-05-05 13.30.37

We stopped only once on the whole trip and the puppies did great!  Everyone ran inside to get Starbucks and go to the bathroom and I hung out with the puppies before taking over the driving.  (Yoshi on the left and Peach on the right).

2013-05-05 17.42.20

This is a daily occurrence on my lap.. I am not sure what I am going to do when they get bigger!

2013-05-07 17.02.30

Not a flattering picture of me.. but I had to post it since this is Peach’s favorite spot to sit!

2013-05-07 22.00.24

Snuggling together on the floor next to their bed:

2013-05-10 19.02.39

So I might have lost my mind in Atlanta but I am so glad I did.  These pups are super sweet and make a wonderful addition to our house!