Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Summer Fun List

I love making lists of activities I want to do with Sammy during a season.  I have gotten away from them in the past year or so.  But I love that it gives us fun ideas to do when we are stuck in a rut!  So with out further ado our Summer Fun List!

  1. Make Popsicles
  2. Sidewalk chalk paint
  3. Camping
  4. Make dinner over the fire pit in the backyard
  5. Squirt gun target practice
  6. Water balloon fight – We will have to recruit some friends or Daddy for this since I’m allergic to latex
  7. Ice excavating
  8. Water balloon piñatas
  9. Big Bubbles
  10. Fly a kite
  11. Make fruit kebabs
  12. Make moon sand
  13. Watch fireworks
  14. 10 trips to the lake
  15. Backyard swim party with friends (little pool)
  16. Swim the full length of the pool (Sammy)
  17. Float on back for 1 minute (Sammy)
  18. Jump off of the diving board (Sammy)
  19. Picnic at 3 different parks
  20. Pick strawberries
  21. Make sun tea
  22. Library reading program
  23. Barnes and Noble reading program
  24. Vacation Bible School
  25. Go see Monsters University
  26. Go see Planes
  27. Go see $1 movie
  28. Ride on the tube at the lake
  29. Go to a lawn party
  30. Ride a train
  31. Go get ice cream cones
  32. Picnic in the backyard and read books under the tree
  33. Feed the ducks
  34. Learn to ride bike without training wheels
  35. Eat each meal outside in one day
  36. Do 10 new art projects
  37. Read 10 chapter books aloud
  38. Raise ladybugs
  39. Take Yoshi and Tipsy to the lake to swim
  40. Read all of picture books (put them into a digital library and purge the ones we don’t love)
  41. Try 5 new smoothie recipes
  42. learn to swing by yourself
  43. Do 10 science experiments
  44. Make an emergency preparedness kit
  45. Grow vegetables in our root viewer
  46. Memorize our address (Sammy)
  47. Make friendship bracelets to give to our friends before they leave for 9 months
  48. Find and paint walking sticks
  49. Go to the library story time 5 times
  50. Go fishing

So I realize that is quite a list.  It is very possible that we will not finish this list or come very close.  But when I am needed a fresh idea I will come here.  Or when I inevitably hear, “I’m bored!” we will look on here for a fun idea.  I will be checking out the lists on Little Wonders’ Days Summer Bucket List Party today and probably adding some more!  Do you have any fun summer ideas we just have to do?  I am going to try and take a picture (at least with my phone) of us completing a lot of these activities.  Then I will update the list every week (or so) with what we have accomplished.  Let me know if it gets to repetitive!

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