Thursday, June 20, 2013

This and That

So things have been a little quite on the blog haven't they!  Sorry about that!  Life has been crazy over here.. some good some not so good but nothing terrible! So what have I been up to for the last (almost) month.. Well glad you asked *winks*

  • I had a total blast at the HEAV convention and learned a ton about homeschooling, parenting, and being a good wife.  I also have lots of really awesome homeschool goodies to share about on the blog very very soon! 
Heidi St. John
  • Tim ran sound for a Christian summer camp every night last week and it wore us both out!  I was there 2 nights because we were suppose to get bad storms and Tim thought he might have to go into work!  I was flying solo at home 98% of the time and man does a change in routine take you some time to adjust.
  • We have been swimming a ton in the pool!  Well, until last Friday when Sammy wildly jumped into the pool and irrupted in tears and screams.  We got him calmed down enough to make it through his lesson.  I thought he would just have a bruise on the bottom of it.  It never bruised and he was limping on it ever since.  Yes, that means he has been limping without putting weight on his heal for 5 days.  He would, however, put weight on it if you asked him to but just walking around he would favor that foot.

Swim Lesson
  • So this morning we made our way into the doctor's office to get it check out.  They agreed we should get some x-rays done.  So off we went for that.  Sammy handled it like a pro and got a stuffed bear out of the deal! Good news is its not broken!  Bad news is it still hurts.  So lots of ibuprofen and rest.  Asking Sammy to rest is like asking someone to not breath!  I did engage him in some Legos at the table for over an hour tonight with his foot up on a pillow to remind him to rest it!  
post xray bear
  • Tim is in training this week (for 3 days) so its another atypical week and we are all feeling the wear after the long week last week.  However, he is learning a ton about a new product they might start using at work.
  • One of our puppy adoption agreements was for the puppies to be fixed.  Yoshi was fixed before we adopted him (since he was the one we went to get originally).  So yesterday I took Peach in for her surgery.  She seems to be doing pretty good!  So good in fact she things she can play today.  I had to banish her to the e-collar (cone of shame) and put her in the crate so she wouldn't hurt herself!

Cone of shame and crated
  •  I will be retiring in 7 business days *squeal* and I am super excited to be home full time! I have been working around 20 hours for the past 6 years and I am read to hang up my "worker's hat"!  
  • I have never broken anything the company owns for the 7 years I have been there.. until last week!  Thankfully they were very forgiving! 
broken laptop screen
  • We have been working on our Summer Fun List and I really hope to post an update soon! But tomorrow I will be sharing a really cool scripture card product I found at HEAV!