Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Children’s Atlas of God’s World [A Review]

I am neck waist deep in planning for Sammy’s first grade year.  One thing that I am planning to do this next year is to introduce him to some very basic geography.  I will share more details about our specific plans real soon.  So when I received a copy of the Children’s Atlas of God’s World from Master Books you could say I was super excited.  I have several children’s atlases; unfortunately, a lot of them have details that disagree with my creationist beliefs. This book, however, was not one of them!  It is filled with facts pointing to God and the beautiful things he created.  It is also has a lot of interesting information about the flood, the ice age, and how different people groups got to different parts of the world. 


I sat and read this books for over an hour one night well after Sammy was in bed!  I was blurting out details to Tim about things I didn’t know.  Like the fact that the islands off of the tip of Alaska are actually south of Russia, or the fact that Greenland is the largest island in the world. 

We are going to be using this book as a large portion of our spine for geography this year.  The pictures in the book are beautiful and draw you into the countries.  There is also facts about famous Christians and Christianity woven throughout each country.

Since Canada just celebrated it’s “birthday” on Canada Day we decided to read about that country this week.  I realized how little I know about our northern neighbors!  Check out these beautiful pictures:


Sammy was really into learning about Canada, so I asked him if he wanted to create their flag.  He was more than excited to do that.  Using the book as our guide we painted on the red rectangles onto each side of our construction paper.  We used another piece of paper to keep our edge crisp.


Then I had Sammy draw the maple leaf onto a piece of scrap paper.  I cut it out since we wanted to create a stencil and I knew that would be too challenging for him.  Next we placed our stencil onto our flag and Sammy painted the maple leaf onto the center.


Here is Sammy’s finished product. I love that it has his hand drawn maple leave on it instead of something that we printed out.  Sammy now knows that it is a maple leaf in the middle of the flag.  We watched a video of how to make maple syrup and we talked about the meaning of the colors and the leaf on the flag. 


Does this sound like a book you would be interested in?  Check out the Book and a Treat Facebook Party on Tuesday, July 23rd at 9pm EST.  


Book Facts:

  • 96 full color pages
  • Hardback
  • Facts about biomes, oceans, continents, and so much more
  • Facts about geographic locations, famous buildings, and people groups
  • You can purchase it for $18.99