Friday, July 26, 2013

Go Jump in the Lake

Every summer my parents always seem to get something fun for the lake.  This year it was a trampoline/slide combination! Sammy was the first one to check it out:


When Bradley got there they both hopped on it!  Sammy was a pro by the end of his visit at going down it!


Sammy has been riding on the tube for about 4 years now.  But this was his first solo trip with out an adult on the raft.  The two oldest cousins on their first solo tube ride:


They loved it as you can see and were giving Pop Pop the go faster sign. 


Then sweet little Ellie wanted to go for a ride.  She is a little dare devil like her cousin Sammy and was all for riding solo and giving Pop Pop the go faster signal.


Then Sammy wanted a turn driving the boat (check out his tube hair):


I even got in on the action:


Sammy got to spend the next two nights at the lake with my parents.  I really enjoyed my time off and was able to get a lot of homeschool planning done.  I also cut off a significant portion of my hair! 

Thanks mom for watching Sammy for me.  He kept telling me about all of the fun things he did with you!