Friday, July 12, 2013

Keepin’ it Real

So I tend to share the happy things here on the blog.  I don’t plan on changing that completely.  I don’t want to dwell on the bad or the things that didn’t go just like I planned.  I don’t see a much benefit in that mindset.  But I also don’t want people the get the misconception that things are all put together over here at our house!  I don’t want people to leave my site feeling discouraged or inferior, just because I choose to share the happy, fun, or good moments.  So I will be sharing these Keepin’ it Real posts once a month!


Sammy has “quite” time in his room every afternoon.  This is rarely quite and is never neat!  Here is a little glimpse of his room after his quite time (before he cleaned up). 


This is not one of the messier days.. but it looks like this everyday after quite time.  What you can’t see is the bookshelf from his closet is completely empty and all of the books are in a big pile from him reading in his closet.  You can also see his step stool on the night stand…. I’m not sure why and honestly its probably better I don’t know.  You can also see his unmade bed with mismatched sheets!


Our AC is having a tough time this summer.  The repair man is coming out soon to give us a quote!  You can also see my stack of things I need to plan for school next year and the bottle of resolve!  So we have 2 cute puppies that are still working on being 100% house broken.  They don’t have many accidents but when it rains that’s a different story!


The reason why Sammy’s bed didn’t have any blankets on it was because he had built this at 7 am and it was still there around dinner time!


These puppies keep me on my toes for sure!  Peach is currently obsessed with the dishwasher.  As in every time it gets opened to put a “dirty” (we prewash everything) dish in she is right there making sure we didn’t miss anything!

2013-07-09 18.33.16

We got Sammy’s x-ray bills in the mail!  You can see our big whopping deductible on the first one.. Thankful we had the money in our health savings account!!

2013-07-11 19.14.48

Tim and Sammy fixed up our 15+ year old lazy boy last night!  It now doesn’t make awful noises when you sit down in it! Woohoo!

2013-07-11 19.23.29