Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MacLarry & The Stinky Cheese Battle [A Review]

We love to have movie nights at our house.  We like to use them to relax and spend time as a family.  I love having movie options that entertain Tim, Sammy and I.  I also love finding movies that promote good character and not have to worry about inappropriate content.  The VeggieTales always meet these requirements!

MacLarry is about a Scottish cucumber that doesn’t fit in with his tribe.  He loves to invent and not to pull pranks like his tribe or the tribe that they always prank.  I have a boy that also loves to invent so this movie was just perfect for him.

We started movie night  with some pizza and some worksheets from the activities page of the MacLarry website.  Sammy loved working on the maze and drawing his own stinky cheese:


I worked on one of the coloring pages!  I couldn’t let Sammy have all of the fun *winks*:


After we all finished our dinner I popped some popcorn on the stove and watched the movie.  Sammy was totally into the movie as you can tell (sorry about the weird shadow in the picture):


Sammy’s thought on the movie:

“I loved when the cheese blasted and turned everything yucky.  It made me laugh when they gave them funny hair cuts.  I liked the inventions in the movie”

After the movie Sammy got to busy making his own invention.  It as a trap to catch a bad guy:


It worked:


There were plenty of classic VeggieTales humor woven into the story.  Tim and I chuckled at several different parts of the movie!  I also really liked the silly song in this movie!  You can check out the trailer for the movie here.

This movie is available today, July 30th!  So if you have a VeggieTale fan at your house or you are looking for a good movie to watch as a family I highly recommend MacLarry

I received a copy of this movie to review. All opinions are my own.