Monday, July 1, 2013

Photo Dump

It has been a while since I shared an photo dump post.  So here are a few random photos from my phone.  Some of you have seen these on Instagram so bear with me!

Love these two puppies. They are still super sweet and snuggly! (This picture was not posed! They sleep like this all the time. Peach is on the left and Yoshi is on the right).

2013-06-05 22.16.10

Sammy built this bridge out of bristle blocks and then borrowed my phone to take a picture of it:

2013-06-09 15.50.36

It was a rainy summer day so we busted out the board games:

2013-06-13 11.10.00

Tim ran sound for a Christian summer camp which meant a lot of ‘single’ parenting.  Which turned into bagels for dinner towards the end of the week!

2013-06-13 16.46.22

Sammy the night of his X-Rays resting his foot in his sleep.  I found if I had him keep his foot on a pillow he would remember more frequently to not bounce all over the house!

2013-06-19 21.50.56

Vacation bible school crazy hair day before he hopped in the pool and washed it out:

2013-06-21 14.25.30


Peach after I brought her home from surgery.. She slept for hours with her eyes open and rolled up in her head!  She has made a full recovery!

2013-06-18 15.48.50

Closed this chapter of my life on Friday.. and today is my first Monday not in the office in over 7 years.  Good by RS glad to know my name will be on the wall forever though!

2013-06-24 17.05.21

Sammy’s sad selfie when he found out the pool was closed for lightning!

2013-06-26 15.06.19

The fog hiding the top of the mountain:

2013-06-27 10.29.55

The not to scenic overlook on the way to my sister’s house for some cousin fun!

2013-06-27 10.37.49

Getting beat up in a checker game:

2013-06-27 20.35.33

This weekend I organized the homeschool bookshelf.  It didn’t look so pretty while I was in the process:

2013-06-29 17.25.54

Yesterday’s view while I was doing some homeschool planning:

2013-06-30 11.28.25