Saturday, July 20, 2013

Straws & Connectors [A Review]

I was contacted by SmileMakers to do a product review.  I almost turned them down, thinking it would be dental products!  I am so glad that I took a look at their website and saw that they have all sorts of different products! They have a whole teacher section and have been in the business of helping teachers create smiles for over 35 years!  That is quite impressive.

I took a look at their products and just knew we needed to get our hands on Straws & Connectors.  Sammy loves to build and create, so I knew these would be a hit.  I was right!  What surprised me was the large number of Straws & Connectors in the box.  You can build a lot of different things with these!  They make HUGE finished products. 

Tim and I got to work with Sammy to build a rocket ship!  Sammy thought it was amazing.  He was able to count how many straws were needed and make the circles for the rocket.  He had a harder time adding some of the connecting pieces, but that was more because of his age than anything else. 


We also build a small fort for him.  We improvised on the design of this one some.  Sammy liked the fort, unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough to hold up a sheet and become a real fort.  Tim and I will have to work on improving our design.


The Straws & Connectors have been a lot of fun.  Sammy has played with them quite a bit and invented his own contraptions.  He made a ring toss game but I didn’t get a picture of it before he was taking it apart to build something else.  They are very sturdy (more sturdy than a regular straw) and bendable so you can create something other than straight structures.


SmileMakers has easy ordering with quick shipping. They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If your order doesn’t meet your expectations, just call them to exchange or return for a full refund.  They will even pay the return freight!

SmileMakers also offers Teacher perks and they are really awesome! Check them out:

*I received this product in return for an honest review.  All thoughts are my own and were not influenced by the free product. No affiliate links were used in this post.