Friday, August 30, 2013

Second Week of School

I didn’t get any pictures of the beginning of our week.  But we pushed through our work since this was the week we hit the road for a road trip to Chicago.  I had the pleasure of getting to stop and stay with Dawn from Our Little Monkeys while on the journey!
Sammy hit it off and loved Max and Alex.  They were great buddies immediately and the only picture I got the whole time we were there was this one:
2013-08-01 19.36.47
Sammy learned a ton of geography on our trip!  I loved seeing him grown so much during this trip!  He had fun playing with lots of different building materials!
2013-08-02 11.37.40
Sammy missed his buddies very much but Marky really missed him.  Marky loved having Sammy there and Sammy really took his role model role more seriously than I have ever seen him!
2013-08-02 19.34.28
Sammy had many firsts on this trip, sky scrapers, different time zone, city life, and a great lake!  Here is the whole crew (Sammy, Noelle, Marky, and Joel):
2013-08-03 18.57.01
Sammy in awe of Lake Michigan.  He really understood that this was not an ocean from looking at pictures before hand.  His only lake experience is at my parent’s lake which is (obviously) much smaller! 
2013-08-03 19.29.03

We got to experience all of this and we put in a full week of school work!  What a learning opportunity and I am so thankful for this homeschool journey that allows us to do things like this!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fun Math Games

Keeping Math Fun
I am trying really hard this school year to keep the learning fun.  One way I have been doing this is by planning and executing (the hard part) some fun math games. 

Two that we played this year is the cup game.  I wrote some numbers on some cards and put them on the bottom of 10 cups.  I put the cups in order from 1 – 10.  Then I hid a small toy under one of the cups when Sammy closed his eyes. Sammy then guessed a number and I flipped the cup over.  If the toy wasn’t under the cup I would tell him if the number it was under was smaller or larger than the number he guessed.  Then he would guess again. 

Sammy loved this game and we played it a ton.  A way you could expand this game would be to put addition/subtraction/multiplication/division facts on the cups and your child has to guess the answer to look under the cup.

In the picture you can see that the toy is under number 9.  Sammy guessed 8 and I said higher.  He guessed 10 and I said lower.  He, therefore, knew the toy was under number 9. 
2013-08-06 09.27.23

Another game we played was make 10.  We rolled a die and put that many pom poms on our piece of paper from 1-10.  While we were playing we discussed who had more and who had less.  Who was more likely to win the game based on the number of pom poms we had.  Sammy also worked on memorizing the patterns on a die to know what number he rolled.  We then would read the addition fact.  So if he rolled a 6 and had 4 pop poms on his board we would say 4+6 =.  Then Sammy would put on the pom poms and say 10 when he had the answer. 

2013-08-13 09.32.29
I will be sharing a few of my other math plans next month on The Homeschool Post.  I will be sure to share a link when the post goes up!

Monday, August 26, 2013

City Life–Chicago Day 2 Part 2 (The End)

The art in Chicago is all over the place and very fun.  On our last day their our friends had to run an errand so we went adventuring just the two of us.  We hit the playground again and Sammy wanted to check out the make-up head statue.  He thought it was funny he could look up her nose!


After they got back from their errand we ate dinner and headed off to Oak Street beach.  It was gorgeous there and the kids loved it!  The view from the sand.  The black one is the John Hancock building and really stands out from the others!



All of the kids playing with the John Hancock building in the background.  (left to right: Joel, Mary, Sammy, and Noelle):



The kids had a blast playing in the sand and running around!


That was it for our trip to Chicago!  I had a blast getting to see my friend Katie and spend time with her for your birthday.  I also really enjoyed exploring the city with her!

Friday, August 23, 2013

First Week of School

I love reading about other homeschoolers weeks but I am terrible about taking pictures and posting them.  I am going to work on doing a better job with that this year!! So without further ado our first week of school!

Sammy picked blueberry pancakes and smoothies for his back to school breakfast.  He loved his special breakfast:


Sammy showing off the first day of school:


Sammy didn’t miss a stride with his handwriting over the summer.  Sammy loves to write little notes so that certainly helped keep his handwriting fresh.  He talked the first practice page from A Reason for Handwriting:


Sammy got pretty goofy (class clown) while working on the first day.  He brought over a few pillows to make his chair more comfortable!


He doesn’t look thrilled in this picture but he had fun working on his All About Reading level 2 lesson:


We celebrated the completion of day 1 with lunch at Chick-fil-a with nuggets and cheesy smiles!

2013-07-29 12.11.22

Day 2 – We did a little clock review from my good friend Dawn at Our Little Monkeys on her Roll & Write Telling Time printables.



Day 4 – Working on his fireworks chalk pastels from Hodgepodge:

2013-07-24 10.10.27

Sammy drew a picture of his maestra (yes, that is me (with crazy hair, a GIGANTIC cup of coffee, and my laptop that we used to listen to our Spanish music cd)

2013-07-30 11.02.43

Day 5 – Sammy working on his science project!  A car we will use for our force lab.  I found this amazing product at convention and it has been the biggest hit!

2013-07-31 09.46.02

His finished car.. sorry for the red eye I didn’t edit this picture from my phone:

2013-07-31 09.50.41

The last thing we worked on the first week was a chalk pastel watermelon from Hodgepodge:

2013-07-31 11.16.19


Thursday, August 22, 2013

City Life–Chicago Day 2 Part 1

The next day we headed out for Navy Pier.  The walk there wasn’t so bad since it was a little cool.  But after a while I realized I should have put sunscreen on!  Thankfully Sammy didn't get burnt (I on the other hand got a mild burn).


Checking out this fun statue just outside of Navy Pier.  Noelle, Mary, Joel, and Sammy with Bob Hartley (from the Bob Newhart show).


Playing with the statue children and noticing all of the little details.  The shoe that fell off, the girl that is about the fall down, the baseball cap, etc.


I just though this building was really cool looking:



Could we have asked for better weather?  The sky was amazing:


My Dad grew up on a lake in Pennsylvania and when the sun was glisting on the lake his mother would tell him the water was dancing.  I thought that was pretty fitting description of Lake Michigan that day!


The port out of the Chicago river:


Noelle, Sammy and I  enjoyed a ride on the ferris wheel.  Noelle and Sammy when we started off:


Sammy took this picture of me on our way up:


Sammy had a little freak out at the top of the ferris wheel when he thought we weren’t moving:


I love that boat out in the harbor:


Sammy also rode on the carousel and loved it:


After all of fun on the pier we got Italian ice and started the trek back home.  When we got home we had lunch and relaxed before some more adventures!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

City Life–Chicago Day 1 Part 2


During the summer there is this cool tent set up right next to the bean statue.  We went in and they were in the middle of storytime.  The kids went over and found an empty seat to listen to the story.  Sammy is in the green and blue stripped shirt.


There were lots of different stations setup inside of this tent.  Sammy was super excited about the gigantic dominos.  He went over and started building with those.  I love the Keva blocks that are in the background:


Next up all of the kids made boats.  They had corks connected together with rubber bands.  Then using pieces of foam and stickers you made the mast and attached it with a coffee stirrer between the corks.  They had some amazing people working in these tents.  They had the kids name their boats and sail them in a bin of water!


There is really amazing sculptures and art sprinkled all through out the city.  This was on the way from the tent to the bean:


The pictures of this don’t really do it justice! This thing is HUGE!


The big kids loved checking out the bean and making silly faces at themselves:


Here is a picture of all of us!  Joel in the yellow shirt, Noelle is in the white shirt next to Joel, Sammy is facing the camera, I am taking the picture in the orange shirt, and Katie is behind me with the stroller and Marky is in the stroller!


Happy Birthday Katie!! I had so much fun visit and celebrating your birthday with you:


You can go under the bean and it has some really fun reflective surfaces under there.  Here is a picture of the center of it:


After the bean we walked over to the Art Institute of Chicago.  Sammy was feeling tired and hitched a ride on the top of the stroller while we walked over the art bridge!


Walking over the road and having a neat view down between some big buildings!


The kids part of the Art Institute of Chicago was really cool.  I didn’t take many pictures while at the museum but here we are walking in:


They have these really cool art games to play on their computers. They also have lots of really cool artistic books that you can read.  There is also blocks, puzzles and art for the kids to look at.


We also went over to another room and got to make some art.  It was all about accessories.  Joel made a mask, Noelle made a beautiful parasol, and Sammy made a bracelet.  I didn’t get any pictures in that room since we were in the middle of helping the kids create things! 

After the museum we caught a bus back to Katie’s and rested!  Later that night we had Greek food for dinner for Katie’s birthday!  We also got to eat baklava and it was so delicious!