Thursday, August 8, 2013

2013-2014 Curriculum Choices

Well I finally got around to writing out all of our curriculum choices for this year.  We will not be using all of these resources everyday and some will not even be every week.  However, I wanted to try and include all of our resources in one place.

First Grade Math:

I have gathered quite a collection of resources this year.  We are taking some time off from Math U See that we tried last year.  It didn’t have quite enough repetition as Sammy needed.  Midway through the year we added in Horizons math Kindergarten and we both really enjoyed it.
Horizons Math Grade 1 – I bought the teachers manual as well and will be doing the added activities as well, such as skip counting and flashcard work. 
MindBenders PreK – K and 1-2 – We will be working through all of the PreK-K book and half of the 1-2 book.
Mathematical Reasoning – Sammy needs a lot of repetition to help him remember things.  I am adding in these fun in colorful worksheets to help with the repetition and to think about math a different way. (I didn’t pay that much for it at convention)
Life of Fred Apples and Butterflies  – Sammy loves the stores of these and it helps him to understand why he needs to learn his math facts and how he will use them in real life.
Games -  I have something fun planned for math each day.  We might not get to it each day but I planned it out.  Some days we will be playing games like uno, war, and sum swamp.  Other days I have planned some games from the Games for Math book, puzzles, pattern blocks, and many other things.  Lots of repetition in this subject this year.


Nancy Larson Science K - I love this program and was so thankful to be able to buy it used from a friend.  The price tag is a little out of budget so this made it do-able for us.  It has some great things in the program and is for ages 5-7 so even though it says Kindergarten it will be a great fit for us.  I am going to try and add in some extra reading books since Sammy really likes science.
Exploration Education Elementary Level Physical Science - I had the pleasure of meeting this company at convention and loved all of hands on activities!  This science kit comes with everything you need (except for basic household items (hammer, glue, etc.).  I am going to do a review of the product when we finish the first section because I love it so much!


All About Reading Level 2I adore this product and the solid foundation in reading Sammy is receiving.  He finished up level 1 last year and he is super excited to learn even more words he can read. 
Explode the Code 2.5 – 3.5 – We will continue to use these books daily as long as they follow along with all about reading.  They use some site words that I just read for him.
Reading Games – word family bingo, kumon rhyming words, brain quest reading, reading eggs, all about reading file folder games and many more.


All About Spelling Level 1 – This will be our first time using this program but I loved the reading program so I am sure this will be a great fit for my tactile learner.

Language Arts:

First Language Lessons Level 1 – I bought this at the used curriculum last year and couldn’t wait to use it.  This is a two year program so we will be tackling the first grade portion. 
Read Aloud Time - We will be reading for a little while each day.  A few of the books we plan on reading are Now We Are Six, Freckly Juice, Little House on the Prairie, The Boxcar Children Surprise Island (book 2), The Apple and The Arrow, A Bear Called Paddington, Afternoon on the Amazon (Magic Tree House #6), Voyage with the Vikings (The Imagination Station #1), Runaway Pony, Runaway Dog, Little Pear, Peter Pan, Pippi Longstocking, Hank the Cowdog Faded Love (#5), Henry and Ribsy, and Attack at the Arena (The Imagination Station #2).


Mystery of History Volume 1We used this last year and did 1/3 of it.  We will be working on the other 2/3 of the book this year.  We will be doing two lessons a week and trying to do a hands on lesson of some sort for each of them.  We will also actually start on our timeline and do the coloring pages as well. 


A is for Adam, D is for Dinosaur, and N is for Noah – We will be working on a page a day in these books.  Sammy likes looking at the pictures and talking about the poem and answering questions but not a lot of the other activities.
The Dig (1 & 2 ) – We will be working through both volumes this year.
Grapevine Studies -  When we finish with The Dig we will work on the creation study and move on to the next one if we finish that one before the end of the year.


Little Passports World Edition – We just purchased a 1 year subscription to this wonderful resource.  When we get our first country in the mail we will start working on geography.
God’s World Atlas Once we get our first country in the mail we will be using this atlas to read more about the country and the neat things there.
GeoPuzzles -  We will be using the one we have about the animals all over the world.  We might pick up a few more. 
I am hoping to get the LeapFrog LeapReader Interactive World Map to use with our geography studies as well. 


A Reason For Handwriting A We used this program last year and Sammy seemed to like it.  Well as much as any boy can like a handwriting program!


Song School Spanish -  I found this at convention and thought it was a good fit to incorporate some basic Spanish words into Sammy’s vocabulary.
A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels – We will be doing one of these lessons each week.  I love that they even make me feel like an artist and Sammy and I have a lot of fun working on them!
SQUILTWe will be working through the first volume of this very slowly.  Sammy enjoys listening to music so I am going to keep it super simple and just have him draw a picture of what he is hearing.
Home School Art Studio 1st GradeI just got this in the mail,  so I haven’t planned it out for the year but we will be using it.
Co-op –We will again be involved in an amazing co-op.  If Sammy’s classes are the same as the first grade ones last year they will be P.E.(both semesters), music, art, K’nex, Flat Stanley, eggs/ lady bugs, and chess.
Whew that sure seems like a lot all written out.  But it really doesn’t take us long to get through each day! I am loving the flow of our days so far!  I also am liking all of choices so far!  Let me know if there is any products you would like me to do a review of.  I would be glad to share how we are liking them!