Tuesday, August 20, 2013

City Life–Chicago Day 1 Part 1

My best friend Katie is living in Chicago for 6 weeks before heading off to England for 4 months.  So when her birthday fell on a Friday while they were in Chicago I knew the perfect gift!! I conspired with her husband and drove 800 miles and surprised her for her birthday! 

It was so much fun to see the completely shocked look on her face and spend time with her for her birthday!  Sammy and I could only stay for 2 days but we jammed so much site seeing into those 2 days it was amazing! I have so many pictures to share but I will try not to bore you with all of the details! 

So Friday after I got there and surprised her we hit the streets to do some site seeing.  First up (since it was closest to where the lived) was the water tower.  This is the oldest building in Chicago and the only one to survive the great fire!
Here are all of the adorable kiddos outside of the water tower (Sammy, Joel, Noelle, and Marky):
Next we ran off some energy from all of the car riding and excitement of your buddies showing up at the playground.  There was a really cute playground a couple of blocks from where they were living and everyone had fun stretching their legs.

We headed back to Katie’s for a rest, change, and snacks before going to the bean!  I took a lot of fun pictures along the way.  It was really fun to see all of the different buildings!  Sammy loved the sky scrapers. 

The one with the clock on it is the Wrigley building and too the right of it in the picture is the Trump Tower.DSC_0119
Noelle asked me to take a picture of here with the “lottery” sign!  It made me giggle so I did:
Trump tower:
I never really thought I would see this building in person.  We walked right past it on the way to the bean!
A fairy going down the Chicago River:
Marky checking out the boat:
We took a little walking break to check out the fountain.  While we were there some peddler gelato bikes pulled up and gave us free gelato!
Marky loved his:
Joel hamming it up on the base of a statue:
I didn’t get a great picture but I got one of the three bigs on a statue with Washington, Robert Morris, and Hyam Salomon:
Stay tuned for the other parts of our trip coming up over the next few days!