Wednesday, August 21, 2013

City Life–Chicago Day 1 Part 2


During the summer there is this cool tent set up right next to the bean statue.  We went in and they were in the middle of storytime.  The kids went over and found an empty seat to listen to the story.  Sammy is in the green and blue stripped shirt.


There were lots of different stations setup inside of this tent.  Sammy was super excited about the gigantic dominos.  He went over and started building with those.  I love the Keva blocks that are in the background:


Next up all of the kids made boats.  They had corks connected together with rubber bands.  Then using pieces of foam and stickers you made the mast and attached it with a coffee stirrer between the corks.  They had some amazing people working in these tents.  They had the kids name their boats and sail them in a bin of water!


There is really amazing sculptures and art sprinkled all through out the city.  This was on the way from the tent to the bean:


The pictures of this don’t really do it justice! This thing is HUGE!


The big kids loved checking out the bean and making silly faces at themselves:


Here is a picture of all of us!  Joel in the yellow shirt, Noelle is in the white shirt next to Joel, Sammy is facing the camera, I am taking the picture in the orange shirt, and Katie is behind me with the stroller and Marky is in the stroller!


Happy Birthday Katie!! I had so much fun visit and celebrating your birthday with you:


You can go under the bean and it has some really fun reflective surfaces under there.  Here is a picture of the center of it:


After the bean we walked over to the Art Institute of Chicago.  Sammy was feeling tired and hitched a ride on the top of the stroller while we walked over the art bridge!


Walking over the road and having a neat view down between some big buildings!


The kids part of the Art Institute of Chicago was really cool.  I didn’t take many pictures while at the museum but here we are walking in:


They have these really cool art games to play on their computers. They also have lots of really cool artistic books that you can read.  There is also blocks, puzzles and art for the kids to look at.


We also went over to another room and got to make some art.  It was all about accessories.  Joel made a mask, Noelle made a beautiful parasol, and Sammy made a bracelet.  I didn’t get any pictures in that room since we were in the middle of helping the kids create things! 

After the museum we caught a bus back to Katie’s and rested!  Later that night we had Greek food for dinner for Katie’s birthday!  We also got to eat baklava and it was so delicious!