Thursday, August 22, 2013

City Life–Chicago Day 2 Part 1

The next day we headed out for Navy Pier.  The walk there wasn’t so bad since it was a little cool.  But after a while I realized I should have put sunscreen on!  Thankfully Sammy didn't get burnt (I on the other hand got a mild burn).


Checking out this fun statue just outside of Navy Pier.  Noelle, Mary, Joel, and Sammy with Bob Hartley (from the Bob Newhart show).


Playing with the statue children and noticing all of the little details.  The shoe that fell off, the girl that is about the fall down, the baseball cap, etc.


I just though this building was really cool looking:



Could we have asked for better weather?  The sky was amazing:


My Dad grew up on a lake in Pennsylvania and when the sun was glisting on the lake his mother would tell him the water was dancing.  I thought that was pretty fitting description of Lake Michigan that day!


The port out of the Chicago river:


Noelle, Sammy and I  enjoyed a ride on the ferris wheel.  Noelle and Sammy when we started off:


Sammy took this picture of me on our way up:


Sammy had a little freak out at the top of the ferris wheel when he thought we weren’t moving:


I love that boat out in the harbor:


Sammy also rode on the carousel and loved it:


After all of fun on the pier we got Italian ice and started the trek back home.  When we got home we had lunch and relaxed before some more adventures!