Monday, August 26, 2013

City Life–Chicago Day 2 Part 2 (The End)

The art in Chicago is all over the place and very fun.  On our last day their our friends had to run an errand so we went adventuring just the two of us.  We hit the playground again and Sammy wanted to check out the make-up head statue.  He thought it was funny he could look up her nose!


After they got back from their errand we ate dinner and headed off to Oak Street beach.  It was gorgeous there and the kids loved it!  The view from the sand.  The black one is the John Hancock building and really stands out from the others!



All of the kids playing with the John Hancock building in the background.  (left to right: Joel, Mary, Sammy, and Noelle):



The kids had a blast playing in the sand and running around!


That was it for our trip to Chicago!  I had a blast getting to see my friend Katie and spend time with her for your birthday.  I also really enjoyed exploring the city with her!