Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fun Math Games

Keeping Math Fun
I am trying really hard this school year to keep the learning fun.  One way I have been doing this is by planning and executing (the hard part) some fun math games. 

Two that we played this year is the cup game.  I wrote some numbers on some cards and put them on the bottom of 10 cups.  I put the cups in order from 1 – 10.  Then I hid a small toy under one of the cups when Sammy closed his eyes. Sammy then guessed a number and I flipped the cup over.  If the toy wasn’t under the cup I would tell him if the number it was under was smaller or larger than the number he guessed.  Then he would guess again. 

Sammy loved this game and we played it a ton.  A way you could expand this game would be to put addition/subtraction/multiplication/division facts on the cups and your child has to guess the answer to look under the cup.

In the picture you can see that the toy is under number 9.  Sammy guessed 8 and I said higher.  He guessed 10 and I said lower.  He, therefore, knew the toy was under number 9. 
2013-08-06 09.27.23

Another game we played was make 10.  We rolled a die and put that many pom poms on our piece of paper from 1-10.  While we were playing we discussed who had more and who had less.  Who was more likely to win the game based on the number of pom poms we had.  Sammy also worked on memorizing the patterns on a die to know what number he rolled.  We then would read the addition fact.  So if he rolled a 6 and had 4 pop poms on his board we would say 4+6 =.  Then Sammy would put on the pom poms and say 10 when he had the answer. 

2013-08-13 09.32.29
I will be sharing a few of my other math plans next month on The Homeschool Post.  I will be sure to share a link when the post goes up!