Wednesday, August 14, 2013

N is for Noah [A Review]

I just love New Leaf Publishing Group!  They make some amazing resources.  Whether you are looking for a curriculum, reference book, devotional, fun activity book or so many other things they have it! DSC_0223

I just received the newest addition to Ken Ham’s bible study for kids.  This one is all about Noah and the flood and what that meant for the people on the Earth.  We have the other two books in this series but they are not required to read, use and enjoy N is for Noah.

We have been using the A is for Adam for our bible curriculum this year.  Sammy loves the beautiful pictures and the rhymes!  He was excited to flip through the N is for Noah pictures and talk about some of the things he saw.  He noticed a few pictures from the A is for Adam book are little reference bubbles in the N is for Noah book and that made him super excited to dig into that! 


I love that this book stands up on its own and that the pictures are so bright and colorful.  I took it to the backyard so you could see the pictures without my flash in the house!


On the back of the page are notes for the parents (I should have taken a picture of that).  It has the poem that the children can see and questions to discuss and bible truths to repeat.  It also has tips on things to do to help the child remember the lesson! 


Book Facts:

  • 112 pages (and I might add again they are very colorful)
  • Book stands up on its own so your hands are free to teach and the child can see the pictures better
  • Coloring pages can be found here under the Related Downloads
  • The book costs $16.99 and can be purchased here

If you think you might like this book check out the Book and a Treat facebook party on August 27th at 9pm EST.

Book and a Treat

I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review of the product.  The opinions above are solely mine and were not influenced by the free copy of the book.