Friday, August 30, 2013

Second Week of School

I didn’t get any pictures of the beginning of our week.  But we pushed through our work since this was the week we hit the road for a road trip to Chicago.  I had the pleasure of getting to stop and stay with Dawn from Our Little Monkeys while on the journey!
Sammy hit it off and loved Max and Alex.  They were great buddies immediately and the only picture I got the whole time we were there was this one:
2013-08-01 19.36.47
Sammy learned a ton of geography on our trip!  I loved seeing him grown so much during this trip!  He had fun playing with lots of different building materials!
2013-08-02 11.37.40
Sammy missed his buddies very much but Marky really missed him.  Marky loved having Sammy there and Sammy really took his role model role more seriously than I have ever seen him!
2013-08-02 19.34.28
Sammy had many firsts on this trip, sky scrapers, different time zone, city life, and a great lake!  Here is the whole crew (Sammy, Noelle, Marky, and Joel):
2013-08-03 18.57.01
Sammy in awe of Lake Michigan.  He really understood that this was not an ocean from looking at pictures before hand.  His only lake experience is at my parent’s lake which is (obviously) much smaller! 
2013-08-03 19.29.03

We got to experience all of this and we put in a full week of school work!  What a learning opportunity and I am so thankful for this homeschool journey that allows us to do things like this!