Friday, September 27, 2013

1,000+ Thankful List–Tooth Extraction, Broken Water line, and Elk Antlers

I fell off of the wagon on writing my 1,000+ thankful list.  I have want to get back on the wagon but I hadn’t done it yet.  Then I saw Aurie’s Count Our Blessings link up I knew this was just the motivation I needed!

I am going to start where I left off in March of this year and add to this regularly! 

thankful button_thumb[3]

101. We are so thankful to our families that have lent us their vehicles over the past few weeks while one of ours was in the shop getting a refurbished speed module. 

102. Sammy has been taking off with his skip counting and memory verses!  Something clicked for him to be able to store that kind of information and then recall it later!

103. Elk antlers that keep our dogs very busy and happily chewing on things they are suppose to!

104. On that note I am also thankful that for puppies that haven’t made to many chewing mistakes.  They have made a few with small toys like legos and nerf darts but nothing major like walls, furniture, carpet, etc! They are even learning not to chew on the legos and things like that!

2013-08-10 21.53.29

105. I am loving the cooler temperatures and not having to run the AC or the heat! 

106.  I had the pleasure of skyping with my best friend in London!  I love technology and I am thankful to be able to use that to communicate and stay connected with her while she is gone for 4 months (3 more to go)!

107.  My parents just went on an amazing trip to Yellowstone national park.  They brought home some super fun souvenirs for Sammy.  I am thankful that they had such an amazing trip and I got to experience some of it through their amazing pictures!!  I would love to go visit there one day!

2013-09-21 18.23.48

108. So very grateful for Husbands that are handy and can fix a broken waterline.  I am also very thankful that it was in the crawl space and didn’t damage anything in the house while we were on vacation!

109. I am thankful for a dentist that charged us the least amount possible for a tooth extraction!

2013-09-25 17.30.10

110. I am thankful for a wonderful co-op for Sammy to learn and grow! I look forward to seeing how much Sammy grows and matures this year thanks to it!