Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beach Week–Family Style–Part 1

We had an amazing trip to the beach at the beginning of the month.  The weather was perfect and the location is always amazing.  This was our 7th year going to North Myrtle Beach and staying in my parents condo.  Sammy loves the sand, ocean, and pool a little more each year!!

Sammy soaking in the sounds and smells of the ocean on the first morning while playing his 3DS:


Just looking at this picture relaxes me:


This year we were much wiser when packing.  We cut down on the number of sand toys we took with us.  We added a full size shovel so that Tim could dig a really deep hole that would fill in with water naturally!  This made for a happy and sandy boy.


Sammy playing in the hole:


One of my favorite parts about our trip each year is that it is off season.  We might be the only ones on the beach some days!  That speck close to the water is Sammy going to fill up his bucket of water to work on a sandcastle. 


Our finished product this year:


We were blessed to have some flat visitors on our trip.  My best friend Katie is currently in London for the fall semester and we have a flat version of her and the kiddos.  We took them out to the beach and lined them up in the sand:


We continued our yearly tradition of kite flying.  The first few days at the beach were pretty windy so we had no problem flying our kite way up high:


Sammy enjoyed this but I think he wants to try some of the cool stunt kites we saw this year! 


One of Sammy’s favorite activities this year was drawing pictures in the sand:


This year we noticed more tide pools than normal.  Sammy loved to engineer ways to drain one tide pool into another  and how to get them to be filled in by the ocean.  One day in the tide pool we saw a large crab.  We used our shovel some to make him walk so Sammy could see him walk sideways.  Then we left him to his own tide pool *winks*


I didn’t take as many pictures this year while at the beach.  I really enjoyed relaxing and just being there with my family!  I will share a few of the activities we did get to and our annual photo shoot!


The only thing I am bummed I didn’t get a picture of was on our last day at the beach we saw a pod of dolphins swimming up the coast.  A couple of them were jumping way out of the water and splashing on their backs.  Sammy thought this was the most amazing thing ever!