Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beach Week–Family Style–Part 2



The beach is a nice time for me to reflect over the year.  I like to think about what we have accomplished, what our goals are for this next year, and what we can improve on.



I love to look back of our photo shoots from previous years and see how much Sammy has changed and grown!



I love the boy that Sammy is growing into more and more each day.  I love seeing the bond between Tim and Sammy grow as well!  Sammy loves his Daddy and looks up to him!  Sammy also thinks a lot like Tim and I love fostering that!


Sammy has a piece of my heart with him forever!  His smile melts my heart and his personality keeps me laughing!


Photo shoot from 2007-2010

Photo shoot from 2011

Beach pictures from 2012