Friday, September 6, 2013

Third Week


We talked about Homer this week in history.  In Mystery of History they discuss how Homer was a bard, what a bard is and the fact that Homer was very possibly blind.  We then practice our caterpillar poem (from First language Lessons) with our eyes closed.  Sammy found this challenging.  I found this helpful to determine how much of the poem he had memorized (almost all of it).

2013-08-06 10.24.16

We have been using The Dig volume 1 as part of our bible study this year.  We have been using our Child Training bible to read through Luke.

2013-08-12 09.48.57

Making 10 math game was a hit:

2013-08-13 09.30.42

We are still working through the practice handwriting pages for this year but I am seeing such improvement in his letter formation and spacing between his words!!

2013-08-16 08.26.02


We took our back to school pictures this week and got some really great ones, and some really funny ones, and some perfectly Sammy ones:


His mischievous smirk:


We did another fun chalk pastel lesson this week.  Tim was home when we did it so he did one too!  Mine is the one on top, Tim’s is bottom left and Sammy’s is bottom right (he added a few extras to his):


Another thing we are going to work on in Math this year is to get better at doing jigsaw puzzles.  So every couple of weeks we are going to sit down and do one together.  There is so much to be learned through doing puzzles and I want Sammy to be challenged by them but yet enjoy them.  I hope we will work our way up to more challenging puzzles as time goes by.  This week we did a 36 piece puzzle and Sammy was slightly challenged but mostly found it fun.  We were listening to music while we did our puzzle which he loved!



I am hoping to get more organized in my picture taking and then be able to show you a little something from each subject during the week.  We will have to see how that goes in the future.  I like to post a week after we have done the material to allow myself time to edit the pictures and all of that.  I am currently pretty behind but I hope to catch up some over the next few weeks! Then only be a week behind.