Friday, September 20, 2013

Week 4 and 5


Sammy is working his way through the Explode the Code book 2.5.  Since he does a full page of handwriting right now I don’t always make him write everything out and this allows us to focus on the phonics review:


Math facts are not coming easy for us over here.  So I am doing what our math manual says and doing some flashcard reviews each day.  We now have the +0 and +1s memorized *winks*.  We are working on the +2s. 


Sammy doesn’t mind the flash cards when he can stand on the sofa arm to review them:



Working on his handwriting page.. he likes to lean against the chair most days:


Next up was some All About Spelling on the white board:



The next day Sammy took his first spelling “test” and got a 100!



We played a close game of war with some Cars cards:


We did an ocean chalk pastel and Sammy loved adding sea creatures to his project.  It was also raining in his picture (at the top):


Another day we started on our Home Art Studio lessons with a 3D paper roller coaster.  Sammy LOVED this project and worked on it for over an hour! He cut out all of the strips of paper (we drew lines on ours to help keep them straight) and then he drew tracks onto his papers:


The Dino Express was complete:


Sammy’s favorite Nancy Larson Science lesson happened during our 5th week of school.  We did a taste experiment that Sammy loved.  We test out the fact that you can only taste sweet, salty, sour and bitter.  Everything else comes from your sense of smell.

Sammy examining the Saltine crackers (one was salted the other was unsalted):


Tasting sour (a lemon):


Tasting sweet (an orange):


Tasting bitter (un sweetened chocolate.. he spit right after this picture):


Tasting sweet again (sweetened chocolate.. here is where I thought the experiment would back fire.. Sammy doesn’t like chocolate.. but tasting it he found out he kinda likes it a little bit and proceeded to eat his whole square of chocolate and he even ate a small piece another day):


We read a book about our sense of taste:


Working on his Horizons math page on the greater than or less problems.  He is flying through these now with the different games we have played with them!!


In our Exploration Education we talked about energy.  We talked about how moving things use energy and some require more than others.  We pushed our car across the carpet with one finger:


Then we attempted to move a chair across the carpet with one finger:


Last but not least we worked on our chalk pastels of the beach (right before we left for the beach).  Here is my finished project:


Here is Sammy’s finished project: