Friday, October 4, 2013

1,000+ Thankful List–Grace, Money, and Weather

thankful button_thumb[3]

111. Free wifi at a local coffee shop

112. Down time while Sammy is at co-op

113. Craft projects that bring on bonding time with Sammy (sorry blurry picture of our pumpkins)

2013-10-03 18.52.17

114. Discounted sewage portion of our crazy water bill from when the waterline broke

115. Sweet Tea

116. Grace and forgiveness in parenting

117. Being able to extend Grace and forgiveness to Sammy (parenting is a tough job!)

118. Fundraisers that make my life easier (lunch after co-op)

119. Beautiful weather (currently 70)

120. A cost of living raise for Tim!  It wasn’t a lot but it was something and something is better than nothing!!