Thursday, October 31, 2013

1,000+ Thankful List–Health

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121. I am so thankful that Sammy is healthy and the doctors were able to find out what was wrong! (I promise to finish writing the Sammy’s Saga series)

122. Health insurance

123. A wonderful husband that took off work while Sammy was sick so I didn’t have to handle it myself!

124. The quick recovery of children.. even if Tim and I are still trying to recoup!

125. Friends and family that were praying for us!!!

126. My brother-in-law that brought us so many things we needed

127. My sister that packed snacks for us and raided my nephews closet for Sammy

128. My mom who came and spent a lot of time with us, brought clothes, food and activities!!

129. My dad who brought all sorts of activities for Sammy to play with!  Including glow sticks!!

2013-10-23 22.53.24

130. God and his healing!