Monday, October 7, 2013

A is for AWANA

Sammy is participating in AWANA this year and is just loving it!!  I am so pleased with how much he is enjoying memorizing the verses and is so proud of himself! 
(Sammy the night he earned his vest)
Sammy has always had a tough time memorizing things.  So to be memorizing a verse (or more) in a week is mind blowing compared to last year.  I realized that it finally clicked when he could read the verse (or most of it) and then he could memorize it!
I have been learning that Sammy is more of a visual learner than a kinesthetic learner like I had guessed previously!  This will definitely change how I plan on homeschooling him in the future!

AWANA Crazy Hat Night
(Crazy hat night)

I have loved seeing Sammy come out of his shell more and more as he gets older.  He stood up on the stage (in the fellowship hall) and sang and danced to his song last week.  In years past Sammy would have been too shy to get up on the stage in front of people and preform. He is in the striped shirt on the right side of the stage.
AWANA music performance

Here is a little video I took of the performance (the password is: sammy):

AWANA Performance from bytesofmemory on Vimeo.
I am so thankful for this wonderful program and all that Sammy is learning each week!  I am blogging through the Alphabet with Marcy.  You can check out the other A posts here:
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