Monday, October 14, 2013

B is for Books!!

I love a cool fall day, a cup of hot something (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cider, you get the picture), a throw blanket and a good book!  I could read all day if I didn’t have other responsibilities to attend to.

2013-05-22 23.28.24_thumb[4]

I am, however, very different from most other book lovers.  I didn’t grow up loving to read (or liking it for that matter)! My parents bribed me to read as a child.  With sufficient motivation, I would read and read and read.  I, however, still didn’t like to read.  I didn’t find an author or a style that made me want to keep reading.  I never experienced getting lost in a book. 

2013-10-05 17.29.32_thumb[5]

(yes, that’s me! I recently saw this at my sister’s house! Isn’t she sweet!)

I think that this probably due to my being a slow reader and finding reading to be really hard work.  I needed to find just the right book to reel me in.  I never learned how to select a book that I would enjoy.  That was until I was attending college, and was working at the IT help desk.  It was the Christmas season, so there were no students, very few professors and only a limited number of faculty on campus.  I pretty much sat in the office for 8 hours and maybe answered the phone once a day.  I needed something to do and I needed for it to take a long time!  Enter Harry Potter and The Sorcerer Stone!


I read that whole book in one day and was turned on to reading from that point on!  I read all of the rest of the books in the series that had been published at that point during that Christmas break.  Since then, I have found that I enjoy reading books of different genres, by many different authors, and written for many different age groups.  All that it took for me was to discover the right book to get me hooked on reading for me to realize that there was a whole new, different, and exciting world inside those pages just waiting to be discovered.

Now, I often have multiple books going at one time.  Usually at least one fiction and one non-fiction book, but sometimes even more than that! 


Do you like to read?  Have you read anything good lately?  I am always looking for suggestions!! I am currently reading Unbroken (affiliate link) and really enjoying it.