Sunday, October 13, 2013

Exploring The World of Astronomy [A Review]

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Exploring The World of Astronomy is yet another wonderful book published by Master Books.  I enjoyed reading about Telescopes, Mars and Saturn. I can’t wait to read the rest of this book and use it for science when Sammy is a little older.  I would suggest this book for upper elementary aged kids through high school.  You could certainly adapt this book to younger children as well. 

This book is beyond Sammy’s comprehension at this point.  He has, however, has been obsessed with Mars the last few months.  So I read through the chapter on Mars and found some details to share with Sammy that were on his level.  He enjoyed flipping through the pages of this book and looking at the pictures.

After reading more about Mars, Sammy was fascinated about the first landmark, Syrtis Major, spotted on Mars and we looked at images of it online! 

This brings me to the one thing I dislike about this book.  The pictures in this book are all black and white.  They are very detailed and you can learn a lot from them but they are black and white.  This makes the book less appealing to my wiggly 6 year old. 

I do know that in the future we will be able to use this book more.  I would still recommend this book, but for older children.

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Book Facts:

  • 176 pages filled with lots of details
  • quizzes for end of chapters as well as the end of the book as well as Explore More topic ideas
  • paperback
  • Lots of detailed pictures and diagrams to explain various concepts
  • You can purchase it for $14.99