Monday, October 28, 2013

Sammy’s Saga– Part 1–Tooth Extraction–D is for Dentist

So the blog has been quiet this last week.  This was not because of our being happy busy but, rather, super scary, super sick, busy!!
Sammy's Saga
On Monday, Sammy started to complain that his chin hurt and that he had a wiggly tooth.  I took a look in his mouth and saw this:
2013-10-21 14.03.53
The adult tooth was pushing the baby tooth next to it away from the gums.  The gums were all swollen, and so was his chin.  I tried to get the tooth out without any luck.  It was causing him a lot of discomfort, and he had a low grade fever (100.7).  I tried to get into the dentist to get that tooth pulled but they couldn’t see him until Tuesday morning.  Sammy was so miserable Monday night that we took him to Target to distract him while we waited to go over to his aunt’s house to have popsicles.  As we strolled the toy isle I asked Sammy if he wanted this cool Lego advent calendar for December.  He said, “No I don’t want any toys I just want to look at them.”  Poor boy was in a lot of pain (not all tooth related we would come to find out later).
2013-10-22 07.55.45
Tuesday morning arrived and Sammy was certainly not himself.  I found him laying on the sofa (he wasn’t even watching TV just laying there).  At 8 we were off to the dentist’s office.  They looked at the tooth said ouch and that that usually doesn’t happen.  So first up was the Novocain shot.  Sammy FREAKED OUT when he started the shot and jerked all over the place.  The needle cut him and there were many tears and the area was still not numb.  Attempt two he held real still and deafened everyone in the office.  The tooth was yanked out! “Hallelujah, this whole ordeal is over!” is what I was saying in my head.  He picked out a toy and asked to go home (not a typical thing for Sammy to request). 
Since the adult tooth hadn’t grown up underneath this tooth to make it loose, the root structure hadn’t been crushed like a normal tooth.  So I had to get a picture of it (its just under an inch long):
2013-10-22 09.19.50
Sammy settled in and ate a popsicle and said that he didn’t want anything else to eat.  We did school work, and Sammy was off to his room for quiet time.  He came out to go to the bathroom and said his foot hurt.  He was playing with Legos in his room, so I figured he had stepped on one and I let it go.  Until a little while later, when I heard hysterical screaming and crying from his room!  I ran down the hallway to see what could have happened!  I found him lying on his bed! 
As to not to leave you completely hanging, he is perfectly ok at this point and in bed asleep as I write this. You can read part 2 here.

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