Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sammy’s Saga–Part 2–Trip to the Doctor

Sammy's Saga
Sorry to leave you guys hanging yesterday, but this story is a long one, and its emotionally exhausting to write!  You can read part 1 here.

I left you yesterday with Sammy laying in his bed, screaming hysterically.  He said his left foot hurt and his right arm.  I thought maybe they fell asleep and he didn’t know what that felt like.  I asked him to walk down the hall to the sofa. Sammy didn’t even make it out of his room before I knew that there was something seriously wrong.  I picked him up and carried him down the hallway with him SCREAMING that I was hurting him. 

I set him down on the sofa and called Tim to get his opinion.  We both said to give it 10 minutes or so to see if I could get him settled down.  If not, I would call into the pediatrician's office and find out if they could see him.  Sammy seemed to be getting more and more hysterical as the minutes went by.  In less than 10 minutes I called the pediatrician's office and they said that they could see him in 40 minutes (3:50pm).  I gathered up our things and tried to load him as carefully as possible into the car.

I called Tim and told him I needed him to meet me there.  After the morning at the dentist and how abnormal he was acting, I just knew something was seriously wrong!

When we got there, Sammy was in super rare form and I was trying to keep it together.  Thankfully, Tim got there in time to help me out.  They had to weigh him, and that was the last time I saw him put any weight on his left foot for a long time! Hearing him suffering so much, and having never seen him act like this in his entire life undid me.  I started crying and had to fight to keep myself together!

After lots of yelling that we were hurting him and how he wanted to go home we got Sammy down to his underwear for the doctor to check him over.  We answered the nurses questions and found out his fever was 103.  It all happened so fast at home that I didn’t take his temperature.  He did, however, have Tylenol and ibuprofen at 2pm because of his tooth extraction.

She looked him over as best she could.  He was anything but helpful, and if you even got close to his foot or his arm he started yelling.  Sammy had a rash all over his chest.  I had noticed a slight one that (Tuesday) morning just before leaving for the dentist.  But since his skin is so fair he often gets red spots on his chest from even a minor virus.  I mentioned it to the dentist and he didn’t seem bothered by it and so I hadn’t given it much thought since then.  But, at the doctor’s office, it was much worse. 

The doctor swabbed for strep throat, and said that she would be back in the room as soon as the results were back from the test.  Sammy had such a high fever it was causing him to get the chills.  He, however, seemed slightly better when he was sitting still and no one was touching him. 

The doctor came back in and said the test was positive for strep throat.  He also had scarlet fever and impetigo (a small skin infection around his mouth). She gave us a prescription for the strep throat.  The doctor, however, didn’t like the way Sammy was acting, especially since we told her that it was out of character for him. 

She wanted us to go to the local hospital and get blood work done. She felt like something else was going on with Sammy and she didn’t want to miss anything.  She said she would call us with the results as soon as she got them.  We would either be heading an hour away to a better hospital with a bigger pediatric department or we would be coming back in in the morning to see how he was doing.  She also said that if he got any worse, to head straight to the local hospital. 

I helped Tim get Sammy loaded up in his car and I completely lost it in mine as we drove over to the hospital for the blood work.  I called my sister to let her know what was going on.  She talked me off the edge and said to use my mommy gut instinct to do what was best for Sammy. 

We drove over to the local hospital for the blood work.  Each time we had to do something with Sammy, we had to carry him.  While we were carrying him (gently I might add) he was screaming loudly that we were hurting him!  Into the hospital we walk with Sammy screaming the whole way.  He also knew that the visit involved a needle and he was even less thrilled about that!