Thursday, November 21, 2013

1,000+ Thankful List–Popcorn, Insurance, School Fun

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131. Popcorn for snack time – it’s yummy, cheap, and fast

132. Putting up our outside Christmas lights last weekend while it was warm

133. Fake Christmas trees so I don’t have to worry about the puppies chewing on it (like they would a real tree)

134. Health insurance that covers 100% of everything after our deductible (jut a few of the first bills we have seen from Sammy’s hospital stay)

2013-11-20 07.10.55

135. Snuggly puppies that like to cuddly (or use you to get on the sofa *winks*)

2013-11-19 20.42.04

136. Antibiotics that kick in quickly and cure nasty sinus infections

2013-11-13 15.04.28

137. Fun activities from Little Passports (oragami boat)

2013-11-19 10.41.29

138. Get well flowers from my guys

2013-11-15 08.21.28


139. Netflix and the amazing entertainment and learning we gain from it!

140. Fun science lessons

2013-11-19 09.41.23