Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sammy’s Saga–Part 7- The Finale

If you are new to this series start by reading part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 and part 6.

Sammy's Saga


Sammy woke up the next morning and was feeling remarkably better.  Tim and I actually woke up because Sammy was walking around the foot of his bed (pulling his IV pole behind him) at about 7 am!

Sammy smiling with his new stuffed animals from friends and his get well card from his cousin! As you can see in the picture his right arm was still hurting him:

2013-10-24 09.16.46

After the doctors rounded, we found out that it was indeed strep in his blood stream.  They switched him to penicillin via his IV that morning.  Since he had been on antibiotics for over 24 hours, we were released from quarantine!  Sammy was all about getting out of his room for a while.  So while he was getting his antibiotics via his IV, we took a tour of the hospital.  He had to walk carefully, but he did great on our 15 minute walk!

2013-10-24 11.18.46

After the walk, Sammy and I snuggled in to watch a little TV while his antibiotic finished up!

2013-10-24 12.21.20

The sun also came out for the first time since we had arrived.  Here is the view from his room:

2013-10-24 14.55.00

The game plan from the doctors was to switch him to oral antibiotics the next day.  Once he had been on those for 24 hours and his joints were healing, he would be released.  Tim went home that night in hope to go to work the next day.  However, after getting home, he really wanted to be at the hospital with Sammy.  He took a vacation day to finish out the week and came back on Friday.  We found out later that was a really good thing!

Sammy was awake from 4:30-6:30 on Friday morning after his antibiotic dose.  He finally fell back asleep when the doctors began to round! He slept until 7:30, which might be the latest he has ever slept in!

2013-10-25 07.48.12

After the doctors rounded, we got some great news!  We might get to go home a day earlier than we thought.  It was back and forth for a while before it was finally determined that we were, indeed, going home earlier. 

After we got that great news, some football players from the local university asked to come in and hang out for a little while.  Sammy was enamored with them.  He loved wearing his stickers from them.  The football players go to the rival school of my whole family.  After we sent them this picture, my brother-in-law said he must still be sick:

2013-10-25 11.40.31


Sammy with the two football players:



After they left, Sammy got his IV removed, his flu mist administered, and we were sent home! Freedom:

2013-10-26 20.29.03

After 7 days of NASTY tasting medicine he was over this whole crazy ordeal.  He even posed with his medicine after he was done!  (Yes that is his candy corn chaser on the table!)

2013-11-01 13.30.47

We celebrated by going to the gym and going for a swim!! We are so thankful for a healthy boy, the doctors and nurses that took such great care of him, and a gracious God!