Friday, November 8, 2013

September School


I haven’t shared much about homeschooling lately.  Yes, we are still cranking away at it!  We scaled back some and I was focusing on keeping it fun.  Since I was focusing more on Sammy I didn’t take very many pictures.  Especially the fun stuff.  But I wanted to share the few I did take!

Sammy working on his handwriting page!  His handwriting is coming along great when he slows down and focuses!


We signed Sammy up for Awana this year and he is loving it! He finished his Flight 3:16 book.  he earned his vest and book.  He has since earned his hanglider patch for his vest as well!


We are cruising away with our math book.  Sammy now claims it is his favorite subject!  All of the games and fun must be working!  He also really likes to count his money *winks*!


I have always loved logic problems and I thought Sammy would as well!  I was right he looks forward to doing one page a week!


Sammy working on his Home Art Studio project. You can see Mars (with a flag on it because he is going to go there when he grows up)!


We are cranking away at All About Reading Level 2 and Sammy is LOVING his new found ability to read!  I have found he can read even more than where he is in level 2 when he is motivated!


Sammy is a very visual lesson. So he loves to put the words in order for his Awana verse!


I got this cool tanagram book and Sammy loves working on making the different pictures!


All About Reading fluency page – we either check off the words as we read them or put a stick on top of them.