Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Answers Book for Kids Volume 5&6 [A Review]

This month, Master Books sent us The Answers Book for Kids volume 5 and volume 6. Volume 5 is comprised of 20 questions from kids on Space and Astronomy and Volume 6 contains 22 questions from kids on Babel and the Ice Age.

Sammy really loved these books!  He likes that they are questions that he would ask!  Sammy is really into space right now, so we have been tackling a couple of questions each day out of this book.  We went on vacation last week.  I forgot to take the book with us and Sammy was asking where it was!

2013-11-14 07.48.24

Sammy and I studied about Babel and the Ice Age last year in history.  This book would have been super helpful in answering a few questions that came up during that study.  Like “How did animals make it to America after the flood?” and “Is the tower of Babel still here?”.

These books are very colorful throughout!  There is a question on one page and an answer on the next with lots of eye catching graphics!

2013-11-14 11.05.10

There are other books in this series that answer questions on Creation and the Fall, Dinosaurs and the  Flood of Noah, God and the Bible, and Sin, Salvation, and Christian Life.

The age recommendation for this series is 6-12.  I completely agree about the age range.  Sammy is 6.5 (he would want me to point that out) and some of these questions are way over his head.  However, there are plenty of them in this book that are on his level.

Are you thinking “that’s great but my kids are teenagers” or “I’m the one with questions?”  Good news!  Master Books has you covered with that too!  They have a Teens series and one for everyone else.

Do your kids ask lots of questions?  Do you not always have time to do the research to find the answer? Then check out the Book and a Treat Facebook Party on Tuesday, November 19th at 9pm EST.  


Book Facts:

  • 48 pages (both books)
  • hardback
  • 6” X6” in size
  • 7.99 for volume 5 or volume 6
  • Or you can buy the download of the books for 5.99!
  • Age recommendation is 6-12


As a moms of master books reviewer, I received a copy of the above books.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not changed for this review.