Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Top 5 Masterbooks Resources

Since I have been reviewing with Moms of Masterbooks I have received some really great resources!  I wanted to share my top 5 Masterbooks resources with you guys.  Some of them I have reviewed (they are linked if I did) others are resources I have purchased on my own because I love them (those are linked to Masterbooks’ website)!

1. The Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky -  I bought this book after hearing Jason Lisle speak at the HEAV convention 2 years ago.  I was totally impressed with his talk and have loved this resource so much!

2. N is for Noah – I love this book and so did Sammy.  We have also used the A is for Adam and D is for Dinosaur books.  These are a great preschool – early elementary resource!

3. Children’s Atlas of God’s World – We have been using this along with Little Passports to study geography this year and have loved reading about the different countries.

4. Dinosaur Activity Book –  This is a wonderful book full of dinosaur activity pages.  There are puzzles, mazes, coloring and much more.  The best part is that all of the pages are creation based so you don’t have to worry about facts that are on the pages! 

5. The Answer Book for Kids – We have volumes 5&6 but any of them are wonderful resources!  I hope to add a few to our  library eventually!

Do you have any Masterbooks resources that you love?  Any you have your eye on for next year?  Masterbooks is having a  sale right now on some wonderful resources some of them might be on your wish list. 

Mom of Masterbooks