Thursday, January 23, 2014

1,000+ Thankful List–Besties, Bowling and Beloved

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181. More visits with besties


182. Awana and how much it helps us with scripture memorization!

183. Warm days before snow days!

184. Wii sports resort and indoor exercise

2014-01-20 18.54.44

185. Menu planning and following it!

186. Date nights!!!

2014-01-17 20.57.33

187. Puppy laptop rests: 2014-01-15 16.49.26

188. Little boys that smile while doing their math work!2014-01-14 08.39.46

189. Sweatpants and hot chocolate

190. Husbands that make hot chocolate for you!

191. EKGs that show a healthy heart after it going into SVT

2014-01-10 13.57.30

192. Dental flossers

193. Sammy’s ability to find netflix on every device that connects to the internet!

194. Hot coffee with a good book and a snuggie!

195. The beauty of the snow

196.  Clean cars

197. Baked oatmeal and pintrest that helped me find the recipe

198. A negative strep test yesterday (Sammy’s first ever negative test)

2014-01-22 12.36.49

199.  A coop that teaches chess!  I have been having so much fun with Sammy

2014-01-21 17.35.50

200. Cold days to help me appreciate the warm ones!!