Monday, January 27, 2014

Backyard Birthday Bonfires

So I am playing catch-up!  This backyard birthday bonfire (sorry I got carried away with the alteration) was from November.. yes I realize how behind I am and that I should just give up.. But I can’t.. it’s my OCD kicking in *winks*!!

Tim’s sister wanted to have a campfire for her birthday and it was awesome!  It was November and it was cold but not unbearable.   So without further ado.. Happy Birthday Rachel! Don’t worry I wont share your age on the blog.. but it’s fun that we are born in the same year *winks*!


Starting with Sammy and going clockwise, Sammy, Tim’s sister Rachel, Tim’s mom is hidden behind Rachel, Tim’s Dad, Tim, Tim’s brother Greg, Greg’s girlfriend Nikki, and Tim’s sister Rachel


This picture makes me want to start a bonfire right now.. It is freezing here now.. I actually saw –1 the other day for the first time in over a decade!


Sammy and the birthday girl:


We made a soup where everyone brought an ingredient or two to add to the pot.  It turned out delicious and we will all have to do it again!