Monday, February 3, 2014

2104 Goals -February Update

2014 Goals

So far so good! I am feeling quite good about my goals for this year!

1. Read 12 non-fiction books – I read 1 non-fiction book in January! Woohoo!  I read Uncovering The Logic of English and I loved this book!  I am very left brained and love to follow rules.  This book taught me so many phonics rules.  I also loved that it goes right along with All About Reading and All About Spelling approach. 

2. Read 12 fiction books  - I read 1fiction book in January as well.  I read the second book in the Kane Chronicles The Throne of Fire.  It was a good book.  I don’t like the series as much as Percy Jackson but it is still pretty good!

3. Read through the whole bible chronologically – I am right on track for this.  I have completed 31 days of my bible reading plan. 

4. Work out 204 times this year (that works out to be about 4 times a week or 17 times a month) – I didn’t quite hit that this month.  I did work out 15 times which is just 2 short of my monthly goal.

5. Complete 3 knitting projects – I haven’t done anything with this goal yet

6. Complete 3 DIYs (any type)  - this one either

7. Add 20 things to our emergency preparedness kit – big goose egg here as well!

8. Purge through each area of our house (There are 16 “areas” of our house to go through at least once) – I have done 3 areas so far!

9. Print 2 years worth of pictures (I must get caught up)  - haven’t started this yet!

10. Create 1 photo album per year from 2007 to now (put the rest of the pictures into picture boxes) – I have picked out the albums I am going to use *winks*

11. Invite someone over to dinner at least once a month – We invited and they came (early in the month)

12. Add 500 things to my thankful list on the blog (that’s about 42 things a month) – I added 50 things this month so I am right on schedule for this!

13. Read aloud 24 chapter books with Sammy (I completed 2 books this month Magic Tree House #2: The Knight at Dawn and Peter Pan)

14. Try 60 new recipes (I will post them or share a link when we try them, that’s 5 a month) – I tried the following recipes in January:

So I am a little behind on this goal but I can make it up this month!

15. Try 12 new homemade cleaning recipes (I will share a link or post them as I try them) – I tried homemade washing machine cleaner.  I have never cleaned my washing machine (Did anyone know you were suppose to?).  So I gave this recipe a shot after I noticed that my washing machine had a slight damp smell after a load finished.  I leave the lid open to help it dry better after a load was done but I couldn’t get rid of the musty smell.  This recipe helped but it wasn’t completely gone.  I think I am going to try a different recipe that uses bleach and vinegar!

So I would say it overall I am doing pretty good with my goals so far!! Did you set any New Year goals?  How are they going?