Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sammy’s Christmas Concert

Sammy’s AWANA program puts on a big Christmas program each year.  I wasn’t sure how Sammy would do on stage in front of everyone.  But he did AWESOME!! He sang his little heart out.  I will have to get the videos Tim took on his phone.  But here are a few pictures.  Coming out to take their places! They were Cookin’ Up Christmas (hence the outfits). 


Singing one of the songs they performed.  (Sammy is almost in the center in the front row with his head leading way to the right of the picture).


Everyone things Sammy is always so happy and willing to get his picture taken.. this is one of the other ones I got… I think he was trying to give me the stink eye! 


The AWANA group did an amazing job organizing and teaching the kids the songs.  We rode around with the CD in our car from September until Christmas and practiced his songs about once a day!  It paid off with confidence and a wonderful performance!