Monday, February 17, 2014

Water & Weather [A Review]

My latest review book from Master Books is the awesome science book Water & Weather.  We studied weather last year in science, and I was excited to see what science experiments they had in this book.  I was also eager to see what topics the water lessons covered.

Sammy loves a good experiment, so we got to work once we received the book.  This is a science curriculum for sure.  You are supposed to go through the book systematically.  They have a paragraph or two on a topic to get you interested in the topic.  Next, there is an experiment section in which you can make predictions and do the experiment.  After that, there is more information covering the science behind the experiment.  Some lessons have additional experiments to enable an even more solid connection to the science.  At the end of the lesson, there are questions to discuss or write answers to (depending on your child’s age).  The last part of each lesson is a section reflecting on what had been learned and how it relates to Christianity. 

I wanted to share one of the many fun experiments in this book with everyone.  We worked on Investigation #8 Ocean Zones – From Light to Dark Places.  This lesson discusses how water pressure changes as you go deeper into the ocean.  The experiment demonstrated that water pressure increases proportionately to water depth.

We punched 3 holes into a 2-liter bottle.  Then we covered the holes with tape and filled the bottle with water.  Sammy had to make predictions about which hole the most water would come out of and which one would have the strongest stream (or squirt out the farthest).  His prediction was the middle hole would have the most pressure.  Next we ripped off the tape and observed the water coming out of the bottle.


Sammy learned that the bottom hole had the most pressure on it.  He then was able to make the connection to the ocean.  He now understands that water has weight and the deeper you go, the more it pushes on your body.  I felt like this was a lot of take away for a 6 year old in a science lesson.  However, there is so much more you can learn from just this one lesson in this book.

I believe that this book would be a great fit for 1st-5th grade science students.  You can keep the lessons lighter for the younger kids and really dig deep for the older children. 

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Book Facts:

  • 88 pages
  • paperback
  • $12.99 but you can also buy the student journal and teacher guide for $4.99 each.
  • Age recommendation is 1st grade – 5th grade
  • Lots of wonderful science experiments and lessons!

Mom of Masterbooks

As a moms of master books reviewer, I received a copy of the above books.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not changed for this review.