Sunday, March 30, 2014

1,000+ Thankful List–Hodgepodge

thankful button_thumb[3]

231. The latest snow didn’t close or cancel any events!

232. The end of winter is in sight!

233. Leftover smoothie popsicles for breakfast!

234. Simple dinners you can make without a recipe

235. Puppy kisses on your toes

236. Relaxed Sunday morning (even if it was because of a cold)

237. A garage to pile the yard sale stash

238. Dominoes and the fun sound they make when they fall over

2014-03-30 10.37.09

239. Really fun review products that brings the fun into the kitchen! We are loving Radish!!

240. A boy who knows what he likes to play with and is willing to part with other toys he doesn’t love!

241. Cough drops on a sore throat

242. Yoshi’s paw healing up on its own (well after some crate restriction) but no need for xrays!

243. Sammy bringing me a stuffed animal to snuggle with on a cold morning

244. A Saturday morning to read the 20 pages of testing instructions

2014-03-28 15.45.34

245. Only 4 weeks of “school” left for Sammy.  We have lots of field trips and interest learning planned after that!

246. Fancy restaurants to celebrate birthdays with my family!

247. Wonderful gift ideas from my Dad to my Mom.  I loved finding cute pictures of Sammy, my nephew, and nieces to make a brag book for my Mom!

248. Cute haircut that I didn’t have to attempt to do myself!

249. Sweet friends that brag about you and get the brag published in a magazine!  Thanks Katie!

2014-03-20 14.09.13

250. Rain boots for this massive amount of weather we have been having (both rain and snow!)

251. Exercise breaks during school – helps with focus and attitudes of both the student and the teacher *winks*

252. The sounds of Sammy’s imagination!

253.  Credits from Barnes and Noble from old books I bought that I can now use to buy something off my wish list!

254. e-readers (like true e-readers with e-ink and the ability to carry multiple current reads at once)

2013-05-22 23.28.24

255. Seeing a great movie with a greater guy

256. Sweet sister-in-law that gave us a night out on the town

257. Grills and how much easier dinner is!

258. Audio books from the library – I am loving our current one so much I have come up with reasons to drive somewhere *winks*

259. Dog piles

2014-03-08 14.19.22

260. Sammy’s ability to play when he isn’t so overwhelmed by the number of options he has!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Last Week in February

I am getting caught up on these posts!  There was a week or two in March I haven’t taken pictures so it shouldn’t take long to catch up *winks*
Language Arts

Sammy learned how to read or words like corn, born, worn, storm, etc.  He had to pick a piece of corn off of the stalk, read the word and then he could “eat” it. 
February 20141
Hopefully this video works.  I took a video of part of Sammy’s language arts story.  He had to narrate a story for First Language Lessons:
Sammy is plowing through All About Spelling level 1.  This week Sammy learned how to spell words that start with the /k/ sound.  If it is followed by an e,i, and y you usually use a K any other letter you use a c. 
2014-02-18 09.35.09
We played some Addition Bingo with goldfish.  We got to eat our goldfish when one of us won:
2014-02-17 07.59.03
We are also working our way through the Horizons first grade math book.
2014-01-14 08.39.46
We did our normal Mystery of History lessons.  We also talked about Rembrandt before we went to see some of his works! We watched this short video (I read it to Sammy).
We did our normal science lessons this week.  That I didn’t get any pictures of.  I did get a picture of Sammy watching a Magic School Bus episode on the Netflix:
2014-02-19 12.03.26
I forgot to share this last week.  We went to the local university for a really cool Rembrandt art exhibit.  They did an awesome job creating an iPad app for elementary aged kids.  They had to find things around the room, draw a self portrait, find the names of various pieces of work, etc. It was really cool!
2014-02-17 11.18.45
We went on two really cool field trips this week.  The first was over to a local missionary support group.  They send out supplies to different missionaries and organizations all around the world.  They had the kids sort medical supplies, clothing by sizes and gather things for moms to be.  Sammy LOVED making the baby bundles.  After they made one they would pray over the supplies before putting them in the box.
2014-02-25 14.15.20
The other field trip was to a local creamery.  We got to see all sorts of amazing things while we were there!
Homegrown Learners

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Awesome Science [A Review]

Have you guys started your planning for next year?  I have done some very basically planning for next year.  One thing I know I need to figure out is what I am going to do about science.  I loved both curriculums we used.  One doesn’t have another elementary level..  The other one is just a little out of our price range (and I bought it used). 

All that said I was thrilled to check out my latest Moms of Masterbooks review Awesome Science. We had the pleasure of receiving the two newest additions Glacier National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

I am not sure who enjoyed these movies more Sammy or I.  When they first started up and Noah Justice came on the screen Sammy said, “Ohh cool it’s a kid!”  After watching the first movie Sammy also said, “He knows so much.  I want to know as much as him!” That sold it for me.  Sammy was excited to watch the next one and was genuinely excited about learning. 

2014-03-25 10.01.51

Now before you go thinking these movies are for kids I just want to say I learned a TON!  There is a lot of information being passed to the viewer.  If anything I would think these movies are a little over Sammy’s head but we paused the movies a lot to discuss what Noah was talking about.

My only complaint about these movies is the Awesome Science logo in the bottom right corner.  The logo has spinning electrons and I found it distracting.  But it was something I can deal with since Sammy was engaged and learning!

Do these movies sound like something you would be interested in? I would love to hear your thoughts or questions about them!

Mom of Masterbooks

Wordless Wednesday - Forest Fire


The national forest on the mountain by our house was on fire earlier this month.  You could see it glowing from our front yard.  This picture doesn’t do it justice how bright it was.  Thankfully, the fire is out now!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Winter Fun List–Final Update

Winter Fun List

  1. Colored Ice Sculptures
  2. Watch the penguin huddle video
  3. Make paper snowflakes
  4. Make a snowman
  5. Make a polar bear mask
  6. Make an owl
  7. Fill the bird feeder
  8. Read our winter books
  9. Look for animal tracks in the snow
  10. Make and play with snow playdough 2014-03-09 18.14.19
  11. Make a pipe cleaner ninja
  12. Make this cool paper airplane
  13. Purge 100 things from our house
  14. Paint the snow
  15. Go on 2 nature walks
  16. Melt Ice with salt
  17. Make snow dough (shaving cream and cornstarch)
  18. Do one of Sammy’s new science kits (I got them at the dollar tree)
  19. Play with Sammy’s alternative powered cars (one is a soda car and the other is a balloon car)
  20. Do a wax-resistant snow painting
  21. Bake a treat with Sammy
  22. Play 10 board games
  23. Go on at least 1 field trip to DC 1/27-1/28
  24. Try 1 new thing (activity, food, restaurant)
  25. Have an indoor snowball fight

We didn’t quite finish everything on our list, but we did get over half of the list done.  I love the direction this gives us on days that aren’t very full.   Sammy and I will look at the list and pick out a few things to do.  Crafts weren’t big on his list after he picked them out.  But that is okay!  I will be making a spring fun list real soon!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Creamery Tour

The last week in February we had the chance to go to a local creamery and tour the facility.  This field trip was organized through our local co-op.  Since the timing was flexible we were able to do the tour while they were milking the cows. 

This is where the milk is processed and bottled.  We learned about what piece of equipment does and when they use it.


Next up we got to see the calves.  They have them in separate pins so they don’t get hurt by the other cows.  The calves are fed their own mother’s milk and some feed.  They were so stinking cute:


Next up we got to go into the milking barn.  The cleaned and hooked up the cows.  We then were able to watch the milk shoot into the bottles for that cow.  We were SUPER close to the cows.  It was really neat to get to experience this first hand:


Then we saw the teenage cows eating their dinner.  They are in small groups again based on their size.  Apparently cows can be quite the bullies to smaller cows so they get more feed. 


Back inside they got to watch a video about milk and talked about the other products you can make from milk.  Then they sampled some of the milk and butter.


Sammy still talks about the things he learned at the creamery!  The creamery hopes to be able to sell some ice cream made from their milk this summer! I hope they are able to do that too!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap up–Field Trip to DC

Back in January Sammy and I had the privilege of visiting  our besties while they were living in DC for 8 weeks.  We got up early and drove up to Northern Virginia and took a metro to Capital Hill where they were living.  It was also the coldest few days of the year and man did we freeze!!

2014-01-27 09.42.02

After resting and eating some lunch at their house we headed off to the Smithsonian museum.  All of the big kids were ready to burn some energy (this was before the temperature really dropped)!


We walked passed the capital on the way to the metro stop.  If it had been warmer we would have just walked there but we were not use to temps in the teens with lots of wind!


Sammy and Joel taking a look at the capital:


On the Metro headed for the Smithsonian museums.  All of the kiddos have grown so much since we road the metro together last time!


I was excited to see how much of the scaffolding had come down on the Washington Monument!


We set our destination on the Museum of Natural History.  Sammy had never been before and I knew there would be lots of cool things for him to see.  The museum entrance:


January 2014

From left to right (and top to bottom): The big T-Rex skeleton, The stegosaurs - Sammy was able to identify a large number of these dinosaur skeletons, The big kids and the T-Rex -  I kept thinking about the movie Night in the Museum while we were there, and the big kids checking out the fossil you can touch:

Next up was over in the oceanic room.  The models around the room were really cool since they are to scale.  Sammy loved the whale.  My favorite was the gigantic jelly fish!


The whale Sammy liked:


They also had some real things in the exhibit.  Here is the gigantic squid.  It was seriously impressive in length.  It had shrank over time but was still quite impressive:


Next we found this super cool Nemo tank.  It had a lot of the characters from the movie in it:


My favorite was this teeny tiny starfish on the side:



Next we headed up stairs to check out the rocks and minerals section.  Here is the Hope Diamond.  This thing was HUGE!!


All through out the museum they had things for the kids to touch and experience.  They all loved touching this:



This picture didn’t turn out the greatest but I loved this geode:

2014-01-27 15.36.23

Everyone was getting pretty tired by now.  So we headed downstairs to take a look at the hall of mammals.  We all thought this was pretty cool!


The boys and the walrus:


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